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Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi



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Summer 2021


Cyberbullying has recently grown larger as technological advances have occurred throughout the years. Becoming more relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic when the majority of the world was stuck home during quarantine and relied on technology such as social media to stay in touch with one another. In this study, 100 articles about cyberbullying from 2019 before the pandemic began and 100 articles from 2021 after the pandemic has begun to take place were examined in order to determine if there were any differences in how cyberbullying has been researched. These articles were examined by stating the number of authors, the gender of the authors, the country it was taken place in, if the article included an international author, the discipline of the first author, the focus of the article, the research method used, the sample size if given, and the first authors highest degree of education. This information was all coded and used to determine if the pandemic has placed any influence the methods researchers use to research cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying, Research Methods, Covid-19, Coronavirus


Criminology and Criminal Justice



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The Effect of the Coronavirus on Cyberbullying Research Methods



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