Pragati Gautam


Professor Gabriel Salvador Fregoso Jasso, University of Guadalajara

Publication Date

Summer 2022

Document Type





4 pp.


The growing collaboration between two or more industries in a specific region in which they work in a symbiotic relationship, providing benefits to each other and contributing in the overall development of the region, is what is popularly known as business clusters. Even though this concept is commonly known and implemented in the West, South Asian economies are unfamiliar with the advantages of this unique business strategy. There are, undeniably, many potential business clusters in these developing countries, which if tapped efficiently, could result into an industrial boom.

This research focuses on investigating the existence of a business cluster in the electrical equipment sector in Faridabad, a city that shares its borders with the capital city of India (New Delhi). The research relies on an already developed formula from Professor Fregoso Jasso’s 2010 paper to confirm whether there exists a business cluster or not. Developing of a business cluster in the afore mentioned area would result in increased employment and ultimately, higher living standards for the people of the district.