Juan Luis Caro Becerra, 3Centro Universitario de Tlajomulco de la Universidad de Guadalajara.

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Water is a universal right for all living beings on the planet, but today it has become a commercial good. It costs significantly to extract water from increasingly distant storage sources. For these reasons and many more the fight for water has become increasingly intense. Precisely, an alternative to avoid more dam construction is the implementation of public politic with actions focused on the integral solution of water, that is to say, that it be distributed fairly and equitably to all users, avoiding more concessions to great industries like as soft drinks and breweries, which are the main consumers and demanders of water. On the other hands, the water supply problem will not end with the construction of more dams, but create of a resilient water culture among citizens, local actions such as control of household leaks, rational use of supply sources, in addition to alternative methods such as rainwater harvesting, as well as better operation of wastewater treatment plants, but above all, an integral management of groundwater and its aquifers should be a priority. The goal of this project is the implementation of the Water Catchment System of Rain (WCRS) as a prototype in popular houses using green energy (solar panels) based on System Photovoltaic. The results of this study were the determination of rainfall potential, as well as the annual volume of precipitation, proposing an automated prototype system for saving rainwater at scale.