Design and Analysis of Dynamic Vehicular Clouds

Design and Analysis of Dynamic Vehicular Clouds


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Ph.D. Computer Science

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The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the adoption of smart cities create opportunities for creative and efficient management and utilization of the available resources. One of the characteristics of smart cities is the interconnectivity of the city’s infrastructure, which allows data to be transferred between vehicles, infrastructures and roadside units. Vehicles with powerful onboard computers, communication capabilities, and vast sensor arrays are perfect candidates in this hyper-connected environment to utilize into a fluid Vehicular Cloud (VC) capable of performing large-scale computations. In this work, we propose a system design for dynamic Vehicular Cloud systems in smart cities. We then investigate the job completion time in the proposed system for jobs with exponentially, normally and uniformly distributed execution times and offer a tight theoretical analysis of the expected job completion time. A comprehensive set of simulations have confirmed the accuracy of our theoretical predictions.


Design and Analysis of Dynamic Vehicular Clouds