Crime and Elder Abuse: An Integrated Perspective


Crime and Elder Abuse: An Integrated Perspective



Designed to be used in undergraduate or graduate courses on topics related to elderly persons, criminal justice practices, or the treatment of victims, this book addresses the nature of the abuse of the elderly, victimization effects, causes, investigative techniques, and future policy and research. Each chapter in the text begins with a case scenario that describes an elderly person's victimization experience and concludes with the consequences of that experience. Chapter 2 discusses the way that social scientists have gauged the victimization experiences of older adults and the way that certain disciplines have ignored these incidents. This is followed by a chapter that considers the specific types of offenses that involve elderly persons as targets. Chapter 4 addresses the specific consequences of offenses against elderly persons and compares these consequences to those experienced by younger victims. Chapter 5 offers some insight into the way that the criminal justice system and other decision makers detect and respond to crimes against elderly persons. Chapter 6 considers various explanations of crimes against elderly persons and contrasts those explanations with theories aimed at describing youthful offenses. The concluding chapter offers recommendations for future research, policy, and programs that deal with offenses against elderly persons. [From the publisher]



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Elder abuse, Elderly people, Emotional harm, Crime, Physical harm


Criminology and Criminal Justice | Elder Law | Gerontology

Crime and Elder Abuse: An Integrated Perspective

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