Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Balanced Approach (Second Edition)


Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Balanced Approach (Second Edition)



Introduction to Criminal Justice, Second Edition, provides you with balanced, comprehensive, and up-to-date coverage of all aspects of the criminal justice system. Authors Brian K. Payne, Willard M. Oliver, and Nancy E. Marion cover criminal justice from a student-centered perspective by identifying the key issues confronting today’s criminal justice professionals. You are presented with objective, research-driven material through an accessible and concise writing style that makes the content easier to comprehend. By exploring criminal justice from a broad and balanced perspective, you will understand how decision making is critical to the criminal justice process and your future career.

The fully updated Second Edition has been completely revised to include new studies and current examples that are relatable to today’s students. Two new feature boxes have been added to this edition to help you comprehend and apply the content. "You Have the Right to…" gives insight into several Constitutional amendments and their relationship with criminal justice today; and "Politics and Criminal Justice" explores current political hot topics surrounding the justice system and the debates that occur on both sides of the political aisle. [From]



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Introduction to Criminal Justice: A Balanced Approach (Second Edition)

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