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Spring 1994

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Master of Arts (MA)


Sociology & Criminal Justice


Applied Sociology

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Carole L. Seyfrit

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Xiushi Yang

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Judi Anne Caron

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Special Collections LD4331.S62 C37


Using 1992 survey data collected from high school students in 15 Alaskan towns and villages, this study investigated migration intentions of adolescents. Previous studies on adolescents' migration intentions have concentrated on comparing youth in areas experiencing natural resource development with youth in other areas. However, these studies have found few differences based on rapid resource development. Previous analysis of the Alaska survey data shows few. if any, differences in migration intentions of students in an area with recent mineral development and students in a traditional fishing area. Differences were found between boys and girls and between town and village students. More girls than boys and more village students than town students indicated an intention to live most of the rest of their lives outside their home communities. This study advances the understanding of migration intentions by considering attitudes toward the environment. attitudes toward community, and sense of belonging. It was hypothesized that pro-environmental attitudes, pro-community attitudes, and a strong sense of belonging will decrease intent to out-migrate. These relationships were further examined by controlling for gender, size of community (Town/Village), and Native Tribe (Inupiat/Yup'ik). The results of this study indicate one's sense of belonging and size of community are the best predictors of migration intentions. Those with a strong sense of belonging and those who live in villages are less likely to expect to live most of their lives away from their home communities.


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