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Spring 2007

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Master of Arts (MA)


Sociology & Criminal Justice


Applied Sociology

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Ruth Triplett

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Alan Thompson

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Michael Fischer

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Special Collections LD4331.S62 D95 2007


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between employers and ex-offenders. The focus here is on which employers have experience in hiring ex-offenders and which do not. More specifically, the central research question of this study is what type of employers' are more inclined to hire what type of offenders? This question is examined by utilizing secondary data collected by the Michigan State Survey Center during spring of 2002. The data were collected for a research project entitled Consequences of a Criminal Record for Employment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For the purpose of this study, only data specifically relating to the employers' characteristics and ex-offenders employers would hire were analyzed.

Multivariate analyses were conducted to see if certain characteristics of employers have an impact on employers' having hired ex-offenders. Findings reveal that violent crime is the only variable that significantly affect hiring an ex-offender when all the variables are analyzed

together. This suggests that employers who say they will hire offenders who committed a violent crime are significantly more likely to report having hired ex-offenders. In addition, the exclusion of the other variables may be due to chance or sampling error. The findings did not provide a holistic view of what type of employers are more inclined to hire offenders. The study showed that type of offense is an issue in hiring ex-offenders so several supervision and education policies can be recommended.


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