Medical Students and Their Attitudes Toward Abortion: An Assessment of Which Factors Influence Medical Students' Willingness or Unwillingness to Perform Abortions

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Summer 2000

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Master of Arts (MA)


Sociology & Criminal Justice


Applied Sociology

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Mona Danner

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Katarina Wegar

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William Agyel

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The purpose of this research is to determine which factors, if any, influence medical students' willingness or unwillingness to perform abortions. Ample research has been conducted evaluating both the general population's and college students' attitudes toward abortion; however, limited research has been collected on medical students. The present research study attempts to fill this void. The following research questions will be reviewed and evaluated throughout the current study: (1) What personal factors if any influence medical students' willingness or unwillingness to terminate a pregnancy; (2) Are medical students willing to perform abortions for the reasons that women are requesting them; (3) Are medical students' willingness or unwillingness to perform abortions related to a woman's culpability in her pregnancy? In order to evaluate these research questions, an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire was distributed to all first, second, third, and fourth year medical students at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Analyses reveal that religious affiliation, strength of religiosity, and personal experience with abortion influence one's willingness to perform abortions. This research also revealed that medical students are not willing to perform abortions for the reasons women are requesting them. In addition, a woman's degree of culpability for her pregnancy and abortion decision appear to influence whether or not a medical student will be willing to perform an abortion for a patient.


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