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Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine








While concepts and investigations of human energy fields have been developed for centuries, there has been little systematic work comparing the fields of children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, general fields have had little comparison between average adults and those participating in an intense practice that may affect the field. Using the GDV machine, this research compared small groups of children, adolescents, average adults, and Dahn Hak Masters on measures of 20 basic aspects of the human energy fields, including the seven chakras. Differences were found in seven of the 13 field parameters as well as all seven measures of the chakras. The largest fields occurred with the Dahn Masters while children had the highest entropy (communication with the environment). Difference on chakras showed children to be the most open while adults were the most shut down. The means for Dahn Masters were more consistent with those for children and adolescents than other adults, suggesting that changes in the field with age may be different when people do extensive work that affects the field. Further research is required to verify these preliminary results and test additional questions raised by this study.


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Leigh, G. K., Polonko, K. A., & Leigh, C. D. (2003). A comparison of human energy fields among children, youth, adults, and Dahn Masters. Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, 14(1), 77-101.