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[From the Executive Summary]

The Social Science Research Center (SSRC) at Old Dominion University recently completed data collection for the ninth annual Life in Hampton Roads telephone survey. The purpose of the survey was to gain insight into residents’ perceptions of the quality of life in Hampton Roads. The project also investigated attitudes and perceptions of citizens regarding topics of local interest such as transportation and traffic, local and state government, perceptions of police, health, community, education, and other issues. This year, the SSRC also partnered with the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health and they provided additional health-related questions for the survey. The SSRC completed interviews with 687 Hampton Roads residents via landline and cell phones.


Abbreviated Table of Contents

Executive Summary ..... 1

Survey Methodology and Sample Demographics ..... 3

Overall Quality of Life ..... 9

Neighborhood and City Quality of Life Ratings ..... 11

Politics, Social Issues, and Perception of the Police .... 14

Economic Conditions ..... 27

Health Care & Health Related Issues ..... 32

Transportation ..... 50

Sea Level Rise, Flooding, Flood Risks ..... 56