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[From the Executive Summary]

The Social Science Research Center (SSRC) at Old Dominion University is pleased to present the results from the 11th annual Life in Hampton Roads (LIHR) survey. The purpose of the survey was to gain insight into residents’ perceptions of the quality of life in Hampton Roads. It is important to note that the methodology for this year’s survey differs from previous Life in Hampton Roads surveys. The first ten years of the survey were conducted using a random sample of Hampton Roads residents via telephone. However, this year state and university COVID-19 restrictions did not allow for staffing of the SSRC call center during the survey period. Therefore, on-line survey panels were used to solicit respondents to complete a web-based survey. Given the pandemic conditions in Hampton Roads and the rest of the world, many of this year’s questions focused on residents’ experiences with and responses to COVID-19 conditions.


Abbreviated Table of Contents

Executive Summary ..... 1

Survey Methodology and Sample Demographics ..... 4

Quality of Life ..... 11

Employment and Economy ..... 19

Handling of COVID 19 ..... 26

Covid-19 Detailed analysis: party, city of residence, and other factors ..... 31

Health and Health Concerns ..... 43

COVID-19 and Education ..... 52

Hurricane Evacuation & Sheltering During COVID-19 ..... 65

Perceptions of Police ..... 69

Presidential Poll Results ..... 79