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[From the Executive Summary]

The Social Science Research Center (SSRC) at Old Dominion University is pleased to present the results from the 13th annual Life in Hampton Roads (LIHR) survey. The purpose of the survey was to gain insight into residents’ perceptions of the quality of life in Hampton Roads. This year, all survey data was collected via telephone interviews as was the case prior to the pandemic. More than two-thirds of respondents rated the quality of life in the region as excellent or good (69.3%). About 25% rated Hampton Roads’ quality of life as fair (24.7%) and 4.5% rated it as poor. Consistent with previous years, respondents rated the quality of life in their city and their neighborhood higher than they did for the region as a whole. Just over 70% rated the quality of life in their city as good or excellent (70.1%) and 24.2% rated their city as fair. Only 5.6% rated their city’s quality of life as poor. Neighborhood ratings of quality of life remain the highest, with 82.3% rating their neighborhood as excellent or good. Only 15.9% rated their neighborhood quality of life as fair and 1.8% rated it as poor.


Abbreviated Table of Contents

Executive Summary ..... 1

Introduction and Survey Demographics ..... 4

Quality of Life ..... 6

Experiences and Attitudes Towards the Police and Reactions to Crime ..... 13

The Economy & Employment ..... 25

Politics and Political Opinions ..... 32

Health, Education & Welfare of Hampton Roads ..... 41