Date of Award

Summer 8-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


STEM Education & Professional Studies

Committee Director

Michael Kosloski

Committee Member

Jori Beck

Committee Member

Virginia Jones


Youth apprenticeship programs are a means of bridging the middle skills gap and rebuilding the workforce while combating youth underemployment and unemployment. Previous attempts to advance these programs were unsuccessful. The study identified concepts to include or modify in draft legislation and policy statements to increase the possibility of enactment and implementation. Twenty-three youth apprenticeship advocates participated as panelists in a four-round online policy Delphi to garner opinions on posited recommendations and panelists’ responses to openended prompts. A codifying committee of three educators/researchers was used to review, reduce, categorize, and code the qualitative data. The aggregated lists were used to develop a 5-point, 19- item Likert-type scale that was used to identify the level of importance of each concept. The panel approved or disapproved pre-posited concepts and provided responses to two-open ended prompts. The qualitative data were used to create a 19-item Likert-type scale to which the heterogeneous group of advocates rated the importance of the concepts presented by the codifying committee. The panel arrived at a strong agreement on 15 concepts for inclusion into draft legislation and policy statements. The findings provide advocates with information to share with legislators and other key stakeholders to boost the advancement of youth apprenticeship programs.


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