Date of Award

Fall 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


STEM Education & Professional Studies


Educational Psychology and Program Evaluation

Committee Director

Linda Bol

Committee Member

Kristin Gansle

Committee Member

Ron Moses


Many students, including collegiate student-athletes, face academic challenges throughout their higher education experience, struggling to learn and perform effectively. One reason for this difficulty may be that students are not engaging in adequate self-regulated learning (SRL). Although research has demonstrated the effectiveness of SRL interventions in improving college students’ SRL abilities and academic performance, this research has not adequately explored the unique population of college athletes (Jansen et al., 2019; Theobald, 2021). The present study addressed this gap and aimed to enhance the SRL abilities and achievement of collegiate student-athletes through an intervention implemented within a summer bridge program at a Division I institution.

A multi-week SRL intervention was implemented, targeting all major phases of SRL. The intervention was embedded in an existing summer bridge program for incoming first-year and transfer student-athletes. The research question guiding the study was: Does an SRL intervention affect the SRL abilities and academic achievement of collegiate student-athletes participating in a summer bridge program at a Division I institution? SRL abilities were operationalized as goal-setting, help-seeking, and causal attributions. Academic achievement was operationalized as GPA and scores on a program-specific content knowledge test.

This study was not able to replicate the findings of prior successful SRL interventions for college students. No significant differences were found between the treatment group receiving the intervention and the control group on SRL or achievement variables. These results could be due to the design of the intervention, factors associated with student-athletes, or limitations related to small sample size, data collection, instrumentation, and treatment fidelity. Ultimately, more research on SRL interventions and college student-athletes is needed to determine how we can effectively improve SRL and achievement variables for this subgroup of postsecondary students.


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