Date of Award

Spring 2017

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


STEM Education & Professional Studies

Committee Director

Ginger S. Watson

Committee Member

Shana L. Pribesh

Committee Member

Tian Luo


Even though educational films and videos have been in used for a century, there remains insufficient research into efficacious learning strategies that can be used alongside them. This study sought to investigate active learning strategies as a method to improve learning from video. This true experimental study, supported and informed by qualitative data, examined three active learning strategies utilized within video-based instruction: Guided Notetaking, Personal Notetaking, and Guided Summaries. Outcome measures included three dimensions of learning (factual, conceptual, and procedural) on an immediate posttest, perceptions of extrinsic cognitive load, likelihood that participants would use the strategies again, how often participants paused the video, time-on-task, quality of strategy usage, and commonly shared experiences. While there were no significant differences between groups on general measures of learning, when the scores of only those participants who crafted high quality products (notes or summaries) were compared, the Guided Notetaking group scored significantly higher than the Guided Summaries on factual learning. These results suggest that quality of strategy usage is a factor that should be included in research examining active learning strategies with educational videos.

The Guided Notetaking group experienced significantly higher perceived extrinsic cognitive load than the other groups. Participants in the Personal Notetaking group reported significantly higher likelihood that they would use these strategies again compared to the other groups. Participants in the Guided Notetaking strategy paused the video significantly more often than participants in the other groups. Analysis of commonly shared subjective experiences indicated that Guided Notetaking was difficult for several reasons: matching of the video content with the notes, switching back and forth between the video and notes (which some perceived as detracting from their learning), and the constant pausing of the video this strategy required. Personal Notetaking was perceived as the easiest of the three strategies, only slightly easier than the Guided Summaries. Suggestions for implementation of strategies, future research, and production of educational videos are also provided.


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