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Ethics for Citizenship in a Technological World: 53rd Yearbook of the Council on Technology Teacher Education




Ethics is not a new concept within technology education. The inclusion of ethics evolved naturally from the progression of technological activity in the latter part of the twentieth century. During this shift to a postindustrial society, people started to look at technology from a more humanistic view than they previously had. To keep pace with these changes, a "new ethic" was suggested to help advance technological literacy by highlighting the relationship between humans, the environment, and technology (DeVore, 1980, 1991).

How far have we come? This chapter reviews the current state of ethics within technology education. In the first two sections, materials for classroom instruction, including textbooks and modular materials, are examined. The third section discusses and recommends resources and practices that appear in professional literature. A survey of international technology education and ethics constitutes the fourth section. The chapter concludes with a look at professional ethics as they relate to technology teachers, teacher educators, and administrators.


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Reed, P. A., Hughes, A., Presley, S., & Stephens, D. I. (2004). The status of ethics in technology education. In R. B. Hill (Ed.), Ethics for citizenship in a technological world: 53rd Yearbook of the Council on Technology Teacher Education (pp. 163-186). Glencoe McGraw-Hill.


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