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The Journal of Technology Studies








The growth and vitality of both technology and engineering education professions rely on the quality of contributions of its new and emerging leaders. Many of these leaders are currently enrolled students in doctoral programs. These students will be challenged to assume leadership roles in which they are not currently engaged (Ehrenberg, Jakubson, Groen, So, & Price, 2007). Some students may choose to focus their careers in developing new curricula; some will become active in grant writing and grant procurement some will choose to serve as officers in their professional organizations; and others will contribute to the body of literature in their discipline. Wherever these future leaders decide to focus their efforts, they will likely have an impact on their profession. This study reports on currently enrolled doctoral students' perceptions related to the focus of content taught in formalized K-12 technology and engineering education programs, methods used to prepare future technology and engineering teachers, characteristics of their planned professional involvement, and future forecasting for their school subject. This is the second study by the authors focusing on doctoral students' perceptions.

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Martin, G., Ritz, J., & Kosloski, M. (2014). Technology and engineering education doctoral students' perceptions of their profession. The Journal of Technology Studies, 40(1/2), 82-94.