Philosophical Underpinnings of Mathematics Teacher Educator's Work

Elizabeth Suazo-Flores, Purdue University
Signe E. Kastberg, Purdue University
Melva R. Grant, Old Dominion University
Olive Chapman, Calgary University
Alyson E. Lischka (Editor)
Elizabeth B. Dyer (Editor)
Ryan S. Jones (Editor)
Jennifer N. Lovett (Editor)
Jeremy Strayer (Editor)
Samantha Drown (Editor)

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ISBN: 978-1-7348057-1-0


Mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) are turning research lens on themselves to explore their knowledge and practices and with that contribute knowledge to the field of mathematics teacher education. In this working group we build from our exploration of MTEs' work. MTEs will describe their work and their views of knowledge and being in their work as MTEs. We invite MTEs to join our working group and assert that MTEs' discussions of their work will provide opportunities for professional learning that reveals how their knowledge and identity inform their practice.