Using Self-Based Methodologies to Unpack Mathematics Teacher Educators' Work

Elizabeth Suazo-Flores, Purdue University
Signe E. Kastberg, Purdue University
Melva Grant, Old Dominion University
Jennifer Ward, Kennesaw State University
Sue Ellen Richardson, Purdue University
Olive Chapman, Calgary University
Dana Olanoff (Editor)
Kim Johnson (Editor)
Sandy Spitzer (Editor)

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Narrative inquiry, self-study, and autoethnography (i.e., self-based methodologies) are methodologies used by mathematics teacher educators (MTEs). These methodologies have opened up the field by unpacking and unearthing MTEs' work communicating findings from their practices. Building from our previous working groups at PME-NA 2018-2020, we sustain a community where MTEs can feel supported in their study design, implementation, representation of findings, and publication using self-based methodologies. At PME-NA Philadelphia, we will continue our work at PME-NA Mexico on self-based methodologies to develop perspectives on philosophical underpinnings of self-based methodologies and addressing trustworthiness and authenticity in our reports.