Mathematics Teacher Educators' Exploring Self-Based Methodologies

Elizabeth Suazo-Flores, Purdue University
Signe E. Kastberg, Purdue University
Dana Cox, Miami University
Jennifer Ward, Kennesaw State University
Olive Chapman, University of Calgary
Melva Grant, Old Dominion University
Samuel Otten (Editor)
Amber G. Candela (Editor)
Zandra de Araujo (Editor)
Cara Haines (Editor)
Charles Munter (Editor)

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Historically underused methodologies in mathematics teacher education such as narrative inquiry, self-study, and autoethnography (i.e., self-based methodologies) are becoming a more frequent choice of mathematics teacher educators (MTEs). This has opened new challenges for MTEs as they try to disseminate their findings in mathematics education journals. Building from our working group at PME-NA 2018, we respond to the need for creating spaces (communities) where MTEs can feel supported in their study design, implementation, representation of findings, and publication using self-based methodologies. This year, we shift our focus from discussion to mentoring and scholarship on self-based methodologies. We invite MTEs with research projects in any stage of preparation to join us to in discussions meant to promote growth, sustainability, and continued insight into the use of self-based methodologies.