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Conference Paper

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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference


This study explored the effectiveness of using wikis as an environment to support peer-assessment in higher education settings. The participants of this study were nineteen per-serviced teachers who enrolled in an undergraduate course on the application of instructional technologies in classroom. In the study, the participants created their personal wiki pages within a course wiki and formed groups of three or four. Five peer-assessment activities were assigned, in which the participants uploaded their class projects to their wiki pages and went to their group member’s pages to provide feedback. The participants were expected to evaluate other’s projects in terms of educational values, visual effects and the format. A short survey was conducted after each activity asking participants’ perceived learning and a post-survey was conducted at the end of the study to ask their general experience of peer-assessment activities in the wiki environment. The survey results and the analysis of participants’ wiki posts indicated that the wiki was an interactive environment that facilitated the peer-assessment effectively. With proper guidance, the participants were able to provide critical peer feedback within the wiki environment.

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Sun, Y., Franklin, T., & Luo, T. (2013). Using Wikis to support peer assessment activities in higher education. Paper presented at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference.