At-Risk Population: Sociolinguistic and Educational Issues

At-Risk Population: Sociolinguistic and Educational Issues



Populations world over which are at risk have no voices of their own and they share a similar fate irrespective of the caste creed or national boundaries. The effort of this book is to bring such people and their plight into focus with the help of a variety of contributors. The purpose of the edited book At Risk Population Sociolinguistic and Educational Issues is two fold first to build educators knowledge of the wide range of issues characterizing the at risk and disadvantaged population in various parts of the world second to bring awareness of the existing social structures amongst different nations from a socio-constructive viewpoint.



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Children with social disabilities, Sociolinguistics


Anthropological Linguistics and Sociolinguistics | Education | Special Education and Teaching


Table of Contents:

I. Introduction: 1. At risk population an introduction/Smita Sinha and Abha Gupta. 2. Defining population at risk/Nibedita Pani.

II. Linguistically at risk population: 3. The aboriginal tribes some sociolinguistic issues/Smita Sinha. 4. The challenges of pedagogy reclaiming one's voice to construct a just world/Dzintra Ilishko. 5. Educational and cultural issues among native Americans the experience of the Pottawattamie tribe/Abha Gupta.

III. Culturally at risk population: 6. Educational crisis Korean American students educational problems and solutions/Guang Lea Lee. 7. The disadvantage of American born (ABC) and non American born (non ABC) Chinese students in community based Chinese language schools/Sarah C. Tsai. 8. Prejudice in language and education a study on the Spanish gypsies of Granada/Smita Sinha.

IV. Educationally at risk population: 9. Education for all the Ruchika experiment/Inderjit Khurana and Vimaljit Dua. 10. Educational scenario of street children of Bhubaneswar a micro level study/Ajanta Nayak. 11. The development of vocational and technical education in Nigeria/Hassan B. Ndahi and Yuwanna J. Mivanyi. 12. Educationally oppressed a study from the Mahabharata/Sarojini Bhuyan.

V. Socio economic and politically at risk population: 13. Redefining an attitude towards marginalized groups in Latvia/Vija Guseva Jelena Altane and Dzintra Ilishko. 14. The matrix of domination Dalits subalterns minorities and a culture of oppression/Yesudasan D. Choondassery. 15. Female feticide devaluation of a human being still in the womb/Basanta Manjari Swain.

VI. Physiologically and psychologically at risk population: 16. Going Beyond the language of the test for hearing impaired children/Abha Gupta. 17. The education of the exceptional children a critical analysis/Jewel Raul. 18. Why do the eunuchs speak the way they speak/Smita Sinha. 19. Impact of morning physical exercises on reduction of aggressive tendencies in educable mentally retarded students a study of Iran/Bagher Ghobari Bonab Mohammad Nabavi and Behnaz Aghapour Khoei.

At-Risk Population: Sociolinguistic and Educational Issues