Date of Award

Fall 12-2022

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching & Learning


Curriculum and Instruction

Committee Director

Jamie Colwell

Committee Member

Sue Kimmel

Committee Member

Kaa Hinton-Johnson


Today’s students need to be prepared for a successful future in our competitive world. Families and educators need to work together to provide children with a comprehensive literacy foundation. Currently, there are many school-based and community-based family literacy programs that are being implemented. While these programs are successful, they are missing a crucial component: writing intervention. Writing is a skill that our students will need for higher education and future careers.

The problem for this study was that research is lacking in regards to ways to assist parents who are interested in working on writing with their child outside of school. This research study focused on bringing writer’s workshop from the classroom to an out-of-school setting entitled, Family Writer’s Workshop (FWW). In FWW, parents and children had the opportunity to attend eight sessions that were led by the researcher. The sessions followed the same structure as writer’s workshop in the classroom. In each session there were mini lessons that were anchored in mentor texts. After each mini lesson, participants engaged in a writing block, conferencing (with the researcher and their parent/guardian) and author’s chair. As parents and their children worked together, the researcher observed interactions between parents and their child, as well as provided conferencing, modeling and coaching. Pre-, mid-, and post-interviews were conducted to capture parent perceptions.


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