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SITE 2018: 29th International Conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education



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Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference Washington, D.C., March 26-30, 2018


This panel describes the refugees’ crisis and its impact on school age children. The focus is on the Syrian children refugees in Mount Lebanon, an area that is usually forgotten.

The United Nations offers schooling to primary school children in this remote region, but lack of resources in Mount Lebanon schools is evident, access to technologies and applications integration is very limited, and teachers’ frustration is obvious.

There are a quarter of a million Syrian refugees in the country who still do not have access to formal education in the Lebanese school system. The country is looking to integrate and develop better educational opportunities to provide better access to education via technologies. Quality education is the key to achieve sustainable development in all aspects, especially if this continues in emergency and crises, this was the topic of discussion at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris during the Mobile Learning Week 2017, and the presented case study is to deal with the refugee crises and how to better provide teaching and learning opportunities via mobile.


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Malaeb-Khaddage, F., & Crompton, H. (2018). Water, food, shelter and a mobile phone: Mobile learning despite crises Syrian refugees’ case study. Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, Washington, D.C., March 26-30, 2018.