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Educational Design Research - Part B: Illustrative cases




This case describes a summary of a formative experiment, a framework specific to educational design research, simultaneously conducted in a middle-school history classroom and a university social studies methods course. The purpose of the study was to refine an intervention to promote disciplinary literacy in history. The intervention provided middle-school students and pre-service teachers with explicit strategies to promote disciplinary literacy, while participating in a collaborative blog project engaging them in disciplinary literacy. Conclusions suggest practical consideration for implementation of disciplinary literacy into history. The case outlines the five phases of the formative experiment and briefly overviews modifications made during the intervention. Further, it offers suggestions and considerations for employing this approach to research.

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Colwell, J., & Reinking, D. (2013). Integrating disciplinary literacy into middle-school and pre-service teacher education. In T. Plomp & N. Nieveen (Eds.), Educational design research - Part B: Illustrative cases (pp. 469-485). Enschede, The Netherlands, SLO (Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development).