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Textiles and Tapestries


1-11 pp.


We met at CASTLE 2018, two trained mathematics teacher educators (MTEs), interested in mathematics, and teaching elementary mathematics methods to preservice teachers (PTs). Melva’s self-study research, focused on improving her online methods course, was approaching its second year and her second critical friend had lost interest in continuing. Melva invited Signe to be her critical friend (Schuck & Russell, 2005) and Signe agreed. Explicit expectations of our critical friendship included weekly meetings. Our critical friendship seemed to follow an expected trajectory for, “supporting/coaching the transformation of another’s teaching” (Stolle, et al., 2019, p. 20). However, there were implicit ways our critical friendship evolved, drawing from connected, entangled threads of our individual expectations and our MTE identities.


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Kastberg, S. E. & Grant, M. (2020). Characteristics of critical friendship that transform professional identity. In C. Edge, A. Cameron-Standerford, & B. Bergh (Eds.), Textiles and tapestries (pp.1-11). EdTech Books. CC