What Are the Most Significant Impacts of Disrupted Education on Refugee Children and What Are Solutions to Address Them?

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The ESPMI Network Blog


Building a Future for Refugees with Mobile Learning

In November 2017, I was asked to determine the educational opportunities for adult and child refugees in a government-run camp on a Greek island. In addition, I was asked to explore that educational context to find out if mobile learning would be useful to extend and enhance what was currently available. For the educational needs assessment, I used the Joint Educational Needs Assessment Toolkit. This toolkit was developed for environments where there was an emergency that had just happened or an ongoing emergency. For this island, the emergency was ongoing with many refugees arriving daily and the small island already had thousands of refugees over what they were equipped to cater for. From the toolkit, I focused on 3 core educational domains; access and learning environment, teaching and learning, teachers and other education personnel and 5 key thematic issues; gender, psychosocial, early childhood development, youth-adults, and inclusive education.


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Crompton, H. (2017). What are the most significant impacts of disrupted education on refugee children and what are solutions to address them? The ESPMI Network Blog. https://espminetwork.com/helen-crompton-disrupted-education/