Know the ISTE Standards for Teachers: Model Digital Citizenship

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ISTE Standards for Teachers 4: Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.

Standard 4 of the ISTE Standards for Teachers focuses on the concept of digital citizenship. The past decade has seen an exponential increase in digital tools and opportunities, which carry the need for students to master a new set of life skills for behaving responsibly online. Even as they sit in their classrooms, they are able to connect with people across the globe instantaneously via chats, email, blogs, social media, virtual conferences, comments and more. This new capability brings great opportunity but also some risk. Many of these connections happen with strangers, who could potentially pose some of the same dangers as strangers they meet in the street. And the anonymous nature of the internet can make negative personal interactions, such as cyberbullying, even more likely.


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Crompton, H. (2014). Know the ISTE standards for teachers: Model digital citizenship. ISTE Blog.