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Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal






A mathematics teacher educator’s (MTE) use of self-based methodologies goes beyond developing MTE professional knowledge by contributing scholarly inquiry into MTE work. Existing discussions of MTEs’ use of self-based methodologies have provided descriptions of the methodologies and examples of their use by MTEs to unpack their practice. What is less clear is why MTEs elect to use self-based methodologies. Yet central to understanding and validating self-based methodologies as a means of developing knowledge in mathematics teacher education is understanding the aims of MTEs who use such methodologies. On the basis of author interviews, drafts, and final papers for this special issue, we illustrate and describe MTE assumptions about ontology, epistemology, and ethics of research. Our interpretations through these lenses led to findings about the philosophical underpinnings of self-based methodologies. Using these findings, we argue that the philosophical underpinnings of self-based methodologies as utilized by MTE authors in this special issue are efforts to conduct research in ways that align with views of self in different contexts.


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Suazo-Flores, E., Kastberg, S. E., Grant, M., & Chapman, O. (2023). Commentary on thematic special issue: Seeing self-based methodology through a philosophical lens. Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal, 40, 1-14.