Tidewater Voices: Conversations in Southeastern Virginia

Voices from Newport News, Virginia

Photo courtesy of Newport News Tourism
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Oral Histories

Interview with Ralph Burkart and Aaron Burkart [2014], Ralph Burkart and Aaron Burkart

Interview with Matthew Grizzle [2007], Matthew Grizzle

Interview with Alyson Jacobs [not dated], Alyson Jacobs

Interview with Kyle Johnson [not dated], Kyle Johnson

Interview with Christopher Lee [2015], Christopher Lee

Interview with the Perkins Family (2019), Carson-Kai Perkins, Connor-Jase Perkins, and Carter Perkins

Interview with Micah Temple [2019], Micah James Temple

Interview with Bertha Toon [2008], Bertha Toon

Interview with Constantinos Velissarios [not dated], Constantinos Velissarios

Interview with Fred Warren [2007], Fred Warren