Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-19-2022 9:15 AM

End Date

3-19-2022 11:00 AM


Artist's Statement:

Bodoni: Then and Now Pop-up and Interactive Guide is about the Bodoni typeface and its usage in type, logos, branding, advertising, and marketing over time. It is a brief biography highlighting the accomplishments of Giambatistta Bodoni (1740-1813), an eighteenth century Italian typeface designer, master printer, and graphic designer. The pop-up scene is a representation of Bodoni’s print studio with an abbreviated Manuale Tipografico book, originally published in 1815. Throughout the interactive guide, there are several ways to discover who Bodoni was, his influences, and contributions to book making, printing, and graphic design, which are still being used today. Sharing my favorite typeface in an interesting and interactive way reflects how I combine my passion for typography, graphic design, and pop-up books to present information in a new and creative way.

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