Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-19-2022 9:15 AM

End Date

3-19-2022 11:00 AM


Artist's Statement:

A vessel can be seen as a container for holding something or as a person into whom some amount of quality can be contained (or shared from). The function of a vessel varies- as a decorative treasure or practical tool, to fill the cups of others, or to be poured into. The potential of these willing vessels mirrors our own potential as members of society.

The value of a vessel ...

While my creations are just beginning to explore functionality and usefulness to groups of people, the act of sharing is inherent to the tradition of ceramics. Vessels have been created across nations for centuries of time, with the potential to tell stories, or to be of service. With our current urgencies in mind, I find it fitting to explore both the utility and the emotional connections evident in giving and making ceramic art.

A vessel to share with the community

This past semester, I helped develop, present, and participate in ceramics-based research projects inspired by Old Dominion University’s 2021 Themester of Social Justice. This presentation will survey collaborative projects completed within ODU’s Ceramic Department. This includes, La Casa De Colores: Building A House of Colors, a ceramic tile mural proposed by Professor Richard Nickels and myself. Additionally, the annual ODU Pottery Sale – whose proceeds went to the 757 Community Fridge. Finally, an overview of individual work. An installation entitled, Willing Vessels, and LeatherHard, a sculptural research journal which relates to social equity through subject matter and investigation of materials.

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