Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-19-2022 9:15 AM

End Date

3-19-2022 11:00 AM


Artist's Statement:

The tactile nature of glass and metal, as well as their complementary properties, are what inspire me to combine them in my work. Two such works use metal and glass to convey thoughts on the influence of social media in our lives and its sometimes negative effects.

The Lost Art of Reading Between the Lines is a commentary on the impact of unfiltered thoughts, feelings, and opinions posted on social media. The transparent quality of glass in this work delicately suspends excerpts found in various online forums. By hiding behind technology, people often share feelings and conversations that would have otherwise been withheld. The derogatory result/effect of this exchange is that fewer of these important conversations will ever be had in person.

The work Simultaneous Reflection incorporates digitally modeled and 3D and printed frames, glass, and fine silver into wearable rings. The two pieces complement each other in allowing both the wearer and viewer to observe their reflections simultaneously. Hinting at the fanaticism of selfies in social media, these devices both adorn and serve as an aid for real reflection for those engaged in using them. By incorporating technology, these devices become more modern apparatus for scrying or glimpsing into the future – an interesting juxtaposition of ancient beliefs with modern knowledge.

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