Megan Obenaus

Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-25-2023 8:30 AM

End Date

3-25-2023 10:00 AM


Artist's Statement:

The work I create is an exploration of my own experiences and emotions paired with an interest in challenging our preconceived notions of existing objects. The process of re-contextualizing these objects through means of material, imagery, or functionality, allows us to dissect the complexities of our everyday experiences. Upon investigation, these familiarities are often not as mundane as they seem and hold deep rooted meanings reflecting principles such as what we value most, and the nature of how we think and interact with the world around us as humans.

Obstructed is a brooch created to explore the dichotomy between creativity as an outlet and the hardships or low points experienced by those who create. This piece was inspired by my own confrontation with this sentiment which often flares under times of high stress. Each of the details of this work speak to the layers of this experience and the effort it takes to move forward from this phase. The material choice of Onyx stones, known for its creative association, and the dark finish of the metal combine for a solemn yet expressive display. The lack of functionality within this work is a key component, highlighting a sense of frustration and yearning for utility, which could speak both to the piece as well as the state of the person doing the creating.

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