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2-13-2016 8:00 AM

End Date

2-13-2016 12:30 PM


Artist Statement:

In grade school, I was given an assignment requiring us to outline our family’s heritage. I came into school the next day with a blank sheet of paper and a question that continues to puzzle me. I am constantly contemplating how my identity was shapes without a strong sense of heritage as a child. This makes me wonder how different I would be as a person had I been raised with a stronger sense of my origin.

The photographs in the series Silhouette originate from a place of solitude, a desire to discover the unknown. My point of departure is the feeling of emptiness due to my family’s unclear origin, and a desire to fill the void with pride for my heritage.

Driven by the fear of becoming a forgotten piece of the past, these photographs are an attempt to eternalize objects related to memories; the memories that have molded my identity.

My own memories have become intertwined with my lineage as I photograph remnants stored within my grandmother’s house. These photographs come together to create a genealogy of my family that was once an intangible mystery. These photographs attempt to retain relics of the past; traces of my family lineage that I have tried to piece back together.

Faculty Mentor: Greta Pratt