Symposium Year



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Start Date

2-8-2020 8:00 AM

End Date

2-8-2020 12:30 PM


Artist Statement

The Touch Series is an exploration of the power of physical touch. The creation of this series served as a tool for methodical and honest introspection about my feelings toward my closest relationships and myself. I use art making as a means to process my experiences but also to search for connections and communication with others. I want the viewer to be able to sense the relationships and feel the strength of the emotions portrayed in a close view of hands--specifically, the impact touch has on different relationships with other people and with one's own self. In The Touch Series, the viewer is able to discern a different emotion and tangible atmosphere attached to the relationship between the hands in each painting. I created this series using a mixture of observed life and photographic references. My process began with taking a photograph of either a loved one’s hands or—most often—my own hands using a timer. I used the photo to capture a specific pose. I then digitally manipulated the colors in the photo to better reflect the selected emotion or relationship. Then I got to work painting and layering shapes and colors all the while using my own hands as a guide. It is my hope that viewers can find an aspect in the work that is meaningful to them and allows them to think about the different connections touch provides.

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