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Start Date

2-8-2020 8:00 AM

End Date

2-8-2020 12:30 PM


Artist Statement

As an artist I have worked predominantly with traditional drawing and digital art in the past, but have since expanded into the mediums of printmaking and oil painting in order to get my ideas across. My work tends to be split concept-wise, I really enjoy creating concept art and giving form to the stories that I create, but I also use my artwork as a means of exploring and coming to terms with my emotions and experiences. A big part of my work has to do with me giving a visual to the oftentimes hard to describe emotional ups and downs that I experience. I work primarily figuratively, as I believe that it allows for me to express myself in a way that I can’t manage with words.

Oftentimes within my work I will appropriate art historical references in order to push my concept or narrative. This can either be done by completely reworking a previous work of art, or borrowing motifs commonly found within renaissance era works. I also will often combine my two common modes of working, the self and concept art, by making characters that embody some of the more negative aspects of my personality. I think that by exploring these aspects of myself through my art will not only lead to closure and relief for me, but will also resonate with someone viewing my artwork. However, connecting with a viewer is not necessarily the goal for my work, if someone connects with my work then fantastic, but the work I make is for me. The art that I make seeks to document my experience, whether that be my thoughts, my relationships with others, or the physical responses to these things.

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