Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-20-2021 3:00 PM

End Date

3-20-2021 3:55 PM


My current ceramic work explores traditional ways of making that are informed by personal and cultural anecdotes relevant to my own narrative within our current times. I seek to explore the combining of traditionally “craft” mediums such as ceramics and fibers with qualities of “Fine” art such as drawing and painting. My goal is to create a visual language influenced by ephemeral thoughts and feelings while grounding them in form through sculpting and materializing. Methods such as research, journaling, sketching, drawing, sewing, painting, forming, carving, and firing are all included in the process of creating these works. Each work embodies a line of thought that has been inspired by the history of the material juxtaposed with the contemporary atmosphere of my present narrative. Outcomes of the work vary from journal like-explorations that challenge my own ideas of what is conceptually worthy of being considered important, artistic, or relevant. My research within traditionally craft materials combined with my art education background also leads me to explore the parameters of artistic “success”, “high-art”, and cultural ideals of artistic standards.

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