Symposium Year



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Start Date

3-20-2021 2:00 PM

End Date

3-20-2021 2:55 PM


My artistic endeavors initially began with graphic design. As a graphic designer, I understood the importance of detail and the mathematical placement of elements to effectively communicate an idea.

Over time I shifted from digital to more traditional art. Oil painting offers freedom from the pursuit of perfection as the nature of the medium is flexible and forgiving. My paintings allow me to run full speed in any direction and then later change my mind. Through my work I mediate and balance my innate creative desires and create pieces that speak abstractly of my concepts and concretely of my individual growth.

My paintings vary greatly in subject matter, from the curves of faces to almost indiscernible landscapes. Each piece explores the relationships between light and color and space and matter, always aiming to emote in a way that ignites the imagination of the viewer.

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