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Start Date

3-20-2021 1:00 PM

End Date

3-20-2021 1:55 PM


This is a GIF of a pencil case filled with Adobe Suite themed pens and a pencil and a pen representing the YouTube Channel, HelloRebma. The project’s premise was to create a GIF using photoshop that could be used as a learning tool for fellow designers who need a better understanding of tools within Adobe’s design software. We set out to help entry-level designers find new ways to engage with their software and cut down on the time it would take to produce the result in other ways. Adobe Illustrator was used to create each component of the gif from the background to the individual pens. Simple shapes and shadows were combined to create a more realistic look. Adobe Photoshop

was then used to construct the open and closing motion of the pencil case and the movement of the HelloRebma pen. YouTube is the platform on which the design, along with instructions, currently resides. Our video currently has 43 views, six times the number of people to which we initially presented. Our peers also provided useful feedback toward our instructional video.

Graphic Design Needs to be transparent.

With the growing need for transparency for this year, we asked ourselves the best way to add that transparency to Graphic design. This platform will likely expand our research of what our peers need as they enter the professional field, offering video to educate new and early designers remotely. The videos hosted on the channel also contain subtitles for the viewers who cannot listen but read along. We have noticed that this has been an issue with most videos in the past. There was a lot out there that had the info they needed, but the ones that showed the explanation of the technical resolution did not have the subtitles, or the info was not in a video at all. We figured, if we wanted to see the steps done in action, others would also.

[This is a screenshot of the YouTube video:]

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