Symposium Year



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Start Date

2-8-2020 8:00 AM

End Date

2-8-2020 12:30 PM


Artist Statement:

To Those Who Design is a student-led magazine designed for students by students. The magazine showcases eleven designs by students, ranging from freshman to seniors. This magazine came about as a response to a design project to “design something the world needs.” In answer to this question, I thought about what and with whom I interact the most. As a design student, I interact the most with other design students. Although my response to this question isn’t profound, it is not overly ambitious or lofty. Graphic design, however, resonates deeply with me. And I genuinely believe that every student’s work, no matter in what stage of design, has value inasmuch as the students are creating. Taking inspiration from designers like David Carson, Michael Bierut, and old letterpress booklets, I created the first issue of To Those Who Design. I combined the student-provided designs and the graphics I made to complete the pages of the magazine. Overall, the magazine was well received by those who viewed it in either its online or physical iterations.

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