Date of Award

Summer 1984

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Urban Services - Urban Education

Committee Director

Petra Snowden

Committee Member

John P. McSweeney

Committee Member

E. Murray Rudisill

Committee Member

James Heinen


This study was designed to determine factors of college choice and to evaluate their implications for the development of recruiting guidelines for minority students. The intent was to survey two hundred freshmen of two urban universities to determine which factors were influential in their college choice process and to design recruiting guidelines. The use of these guidelines may provide the impetus to direct more blacks to predominantly white urban universities and more whites to predominantly black universities.

The criterion group approach allowed for the two groups (black students attending a predominantly white university versus black students attending a predominantly black university; white students attending a predominantly black university versus white students attending a predominantly white university) to be compared in reference to demographic information, personality traits and motivational type. The factors revealed from the California Psychological Inventory, Gurin Internal Versus External Motivations Instrument and the Demographic Form were analyzed utilizing the Chi-Square Statistic, Two Sample t-Test and Discriminant Function Analysis. The results revealed that there are statistically significant differences between the factors of college choice of black students attending predominantly black universities versus black students attending predominantly white universities; and white students attending predominantly white universities versus white students attending predominantly black universities.

On the basis of these significant factors of college choice and the germane research literature recruiting guideline strategies were generated. These strategies were specifically aimed at increasing the number of minority students at predominantly white and black universities. The developed guideline strategies were assessed by the designated admission counselors in Virginia's sixteen 4 year urban universities.