Date of Award

Spring 1996

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Urban Services - Urban Education

Committee Director

Petra Snowden

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Edward Neukrug

Committee Member

Benjamin I. Troutman

Committee Member

Rebecca S. Bowers

Committee Member

Donna B. Evans


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between TQM and student achievement, and TQM and faculty scores on the High PERFORMing Team Survey.

Currently, there exists no research which indicates that TQM can solve the problems of the urban schools. TQM is recommended by experts when the staff is highly educated, when management supports TQM, when team leaders can run meetings effectively, and when the organization can afford lost time and productivity while its team learns necessary skills.

The TQM schools used in this study began the transition to TQM in 1991. Reading comprehension and mathematics scores of the TQM schools were compared to non-TQM schools using a MANOVA. Mathematics scores were significantly improved. A MANOVA was also used to compare the seven areas of the High PERFORMing Team survey from the TQM schools with non-TQM schools. While there was an overall significant difference favoring TQM, none of the seven individual areas was significantly different.

A description of practice of TQM in each of the five urban elementary schools is included. The School Improvement Teams of the TQM schools were asked pertinent questions concerning the practice of TQM on site. The ongoing need for training staff in the proper use of TQM tools, providing release time for teacher involvement and focusing on instructional improvement are important for continued success in the use of TQM.


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