Date of Award

Spring 1988

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Urban Studies

Committee Director

Maurice R. Berube

Committee Director

William Cunningham

Committee Member

Raymond S. Strangways

Committee Member

Robert H. MacDonald

Committee Member

Joe S. Greathouse

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Donald Myers


This dissertation documents the early years in the campaign by community leaders in Norfolk and adjacent cities to establish a local medical school as a means to improving the quality of medical education in the Hampton Roads area. Although attention is focused on the period 1959 to 1973, it is not strictly limited to this period of time.

The methodology for this dissertation is based heavily upon oral research. As one historian pointed out, "What better way to learn about a particular time than from the mouths of those who lived it." Approximately forty individuals instrumental in the founding of the medical school were interviewed and their memorable experiences and recollections captured with the use of a tape recorder. The result is a history of the origin of the Eastern Virginia Medical School based largely on the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of many of its key founders and supporters.