Date of Award

Spring 2004

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Urban Studies

Committee Director

Dwight Allen

Committee Member

Dean Cristol

Committee Member

Wendy Frazier


The internship experience is an important link between preservice training and inservice teaching. The STAT Internship Program is an alternative internship program that emphasizes the use of instructional technology. A case study of seven participants in the STAT Internship Program was chosen to investigate five research questions. The research questions explored five broad areas: (1) the technology applications interns used, (2) issues that arose from their use of technology, (3) intern attitudes towards technology, (4) the influence of preservice training on intern use of technology, and (5) shared experiences with technology.

The study yielded a full description of the interns' individual and collective experiences with technology throughout the duration of the semester. Interns used a variety of instructional technology applications. The most frequent applications used were PowerPoint, digital projectors, unitedstreaming , and mobile laptop carts. Student behavior, time, and access were factors that hindered intern use of technology. Intern attitudes towards technology remained constant and positive throughout the duration of the semester. The study found that methods professors can have a significant impact on an intern's instructional choices and technology use during a field experience.