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How Kantian Ethics Utilizes Intentionality to Rationalize Human Behavior

Benin Allen, Norfolk State University

The Development Potential of Formal Remittances

Mariah Allen, Marymount University

Ethics of a Transplant: Head or Body?

Mayd Alsalman, Reynolds Community College

Efficacy of a Motivational Video on Heart Rate, RPE, and Total Work Performed During Stationary Cycling


Hannah Angelella, University of Lynchburg

Predicting Academic Dishonesty Using Personality, Impulsiveness, Morality, and Somatic Faking

Lauren Barbee, University of Lynchburg

The Impact of Categorization on Early Societies

Jordan Barnes, Norfolk State University

Teaching Through a Restorative Justice and Trauma-Informed Lens

Ashley Bauer, Bluefield College

The Challenges of Today’s Youth

Aniyah Blair-Young, Norfolk State University

"Bridge to Beyond: Forming the Foundation of an Authentic Voice for Middle School Students and Their Parents"

Chander Boone, Hampton University

The Effects of Social Economic Factors on the Education and Academic Success of Children in Impoverished and Wealthy Communities in American

Bianca Brade, Hampton University

How Childhood Trauma Affects Special Education Students

Kaylyn Bridges, Bluefield College

STEM Starter: Charting a New Course

Shannon Brindle, University of Mary Washington

Water Quality Impacts of Dam Removal on Blackwater Creek

Wrenn Cleary, University of Lynchburg

Complications of Lyme Testing: The Need for Continued Development

Maria Copeland, Northern Virginia Community College

Determining Participation in Undergraduate Research Experiences and the Associated Impact on the University

Samantha Doncaster, Radford University

"A Seasonal Crime?": A Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Criminal Charges in the City of Lynchburg and Seasons of the Year with Reference to Gender and Race

Caitlin Dorsch, University of Lynchburg

"A Broken System: Factors That Determine Policy "

Hunter Draut, Virginia Wesleyan University

Motives of Child Torture and the Parent Rationale

Gail Durant, Norfolk State University

The Learning Process and the Introduction/Identification of Self

Oshay Edwards, Norfolk State University

The Significant Role of Food in the African American Community

Makhaela French, Norfolk State University

Sokui: The Key to Sustainable Animal Enrichment

Ava Gonzalez, Marymount University

Coffee: Why Do We Drink It?

Kristin Haes, Northern Virginia Community College

Whaling in Japan: Conflicts and Controversies


Ashley Harrell, James Madison University

The Saving Power of Water

Lindsey Hicks, Virginia Wesleyan University

How to Be a Leader to Leaders

Caitlin Hodges, Ferrum College

The Divergence of Feminism: How White Feminist Thought Fails Black Women

Lilliauna Hopkins, Norfolk State University

The Case of Norfolk's Historic Desegregation

Anitra Howard, Virginia Wesleyan University
Grant Morgan, Virginia Wesleyan University

The Homelessness Crisis: Applications of Game Theory on Public Health

Tess Jones, Virginia Wesleyan University
Isabel Laxton, Virginia Wesleyan University
Lindsay White, Virginia Wesleyan University

The Honors Peer Advising Center at Virginia Tech

Rachel Kanefsky, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Lauren Weaver, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Neurodegenerative Diseases in Northeast North Carolina: A Literature Informed Framework

Maci Keaton, Radford University

Heart Song: The Effects of Music on the Mind and Body

Morgan Keen, Bluefield College

The Spirit of the RSHM

Rebecca Lake, Marymount University

Knitting Together the Raging Grannies: Perspectives by Incongruity as Seen in the Performative Protest Model

Kira Lambert, James Madison University

Have Courage and Carry On: Stories from Maggie Walker High School, Governor's School, and Beyond

Spencer Law, James Madison University

Shake it Off!: A Smart Watch Design for Patients Suffering from Essential Tremors

Nikki Lopez, Marymount University

Women in Agriculture

Olivia Madigan, Northern Virginia Community College

Implications of Brexit: A Divided Kingdom?

Catherine Maresca, Marymount University

Using Personal Experience to to Home Communities: How Buendedi Business Built on Love (BBBL), Empowers Artisans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Pierre Mbala, James Madison University

"The Effect of Catholic Sex Abuse Scandals on Catholic Higher Education in the United States "

Sarah McDonald, Marymount University

What’s for Dinner?: Using Morphology and DNA Barcoding to Assess Dietary Composition of Coyotes in the American Southeast

Caitlin Miller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"The Effect of Information Interventions on Retention Among University of Lynchburg Students "

Sara Mills, University of Lynchburg

Free Em All: A World Without Prisons

Christopher Moore, Hampton University

#VoteForMe: The Influence of Candidates’ Social Media Use on the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary

Hunter Nordberg, Virginia Wesleyan University
Alex Powers, Virginia Wesleyan University

The Corrosion of the United State's Hegemony Due to Rising Cyber Warfare

Ariana Oyola, Northern Virginia Community College

Novel Method of Supplementing Current Depression Treatments: Using Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response-Centered Therapy to Improve Constipation-Associated Comorbidity of Depression


Shivam Patel, Virginia Commonwealth University

Bacteriophage at the Jamestown Sanitary District Wastewater Treatment Plant

Nicole Raab, James Madison University

Upper Limb Rehabilitation for Amputees


Michaela Ramandanes, Marymount University

The Number One Question

Jacob Robinson, Hampton University

Is This Me? A Look Into Our Inner Self

Yasmiri Rosario, Hampton University

So Long As She Writes Little Notes: Orlando and the Female Artist

Ekaterina Savelyeva, University of Mary Washington

"A Bitter Pill for Southern Men to Swallow": The 36th U.S.C.I. Regiment at Point Lookout

Madelyn Shiflett, University of Mary Washington

Mental Health Literacy in the Black Church: How Black Church Leaders Help Congregants Address Depression and Anxiety

Brianna Simmons, Marymount University

Seasonal Variations in Aerobic Capacity and Body Composition in Division III Women's Soccer Players

Courtney Stephens, Marymount University

Aromatherapy's Effects on the Brain

Deana Stinson, Bluefield College

Why is it Important to Obtain Vaccinations?

MaKayla Swain, Hampton University

Positive Psychology

Michelle Taylor, Norfolk State University

The Pink Tax

Symone Thomas, Norfolk State University

Into the New World: The Success and Appeal of Korean Pop in the West

Alysia Townsley, Bluefield College

"Public Speaking Anxiety in College Students: Developing A Treatment Protocol Through Correlation Of Socio-Environmental Causes To Non-Traditional Treatment Methods"

Avani Venkatesh, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Mechanism of Anaphylactic Reactions and Their Treatments

Justin Vinh, Northern Virginia Community College

Handedness as a Proxy for Brain Lateralization, and the Relationship with Language Comprehension and Expression

Barbara Walas, Marymount University

Ethical Alternatives to Dissection as a Teaching Method in Biology and Psychology Courses

Barbara Walas, Marymount University

The Impact of Temporary Gender Embodiment on the Accuracy of Personality Judgment: Drag Performance as a Lens

Adele Weaver, University of Lynchburg

Media Trust in America: Examining the Perspective of VA College-Age Individuals


Ryan Whitmer, J Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Analysis of the French Revolution: The Social Rigidity of the Ancien Regime Directly Led to the French Revolution

Chenelle Williams, J Sargeant Reynolds Community College

The Relationship Between Age and Gender and Its Effect on Intergenerational Patterns of Incarceration


Sominishia Wright, Hampton University

Health Disparities and Cancer Health Disparities

Mattlyn Young, Hampton University