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Is the Right to Data Privacy Considered a Human Right?

Grace Bailey, James Madison University

Soiling the Name of Indiana Jones: Digging Deeper into the Science of Archaeology

Taylor Denny, James Madison University

Biophilia in Everyday Life


Olivia Duke, James Madison University

The Effect of Coaching Leadership Styles on Athletic Efficiency

Josh Giardina, Marymount University

Impacts of Intersectionality in the LGBTQIAP+ Community


Sydney Inger, James Madison University

Get on the Bus Proposal: Decreasing the Mortality Rate of Black Transgender Women Through the Fredericksburg City School System

Maya Jenkins, University of Mary Washington

"Why Is My Voice Defined By A Color?”: Normalizing African American Vernacular English

Myana Mabry, Hampton University

I Feel Pretty and Unseen: A Rhetorical Analysis of Weight Bias in Film Reviews

Madyson May, University of Mary Washington

Economic Advancement vs. Human Progress

Erin Quinn, James Madison University

The Impact of Food Insecurity on Older Adults

Nicole Raab, James Madison University

Mentoring & Leadership & Service Learning

Kenneth Rioland III, Hampton University

Gender Disparity in STEM

Alexis Schneider, James Madison University

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mental Health Disparities

Miryeng Song, James Madison University

How Technology Affects Intimacy in Romantic Relationships

Kate Sundie, Radford University

The “Science” of Story Structure


Diana Witt, James Madison University

Campaign Crazy: A Look into Political Campaign Management & Communications

Jory Woods, James Madison University