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Chapman Hood Frazier’s book, The Lost Books of the Bestiary, a finalist for V Press LC poetry competition, was published in the summer of 2022.. His poetry has appeared in The Virginia Quarterly, The Southern Poetry Review, The South Carolina Poetry Review and other small press publications and two poems have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes.

His work has won a variety of awards from The Poetry Society of Virginia as well as the ARTlines2 Poetry Anthology Competition, The Big Read Poetry Contest, and other venues. His poetry has appeared in over 60 journals and periodicals.

His interviews with contemporary poets have been published in The Writer’s Chronicle, Shenandoah, and Agni Online and he’s guest edited The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review and Longwood University’s The Dos Passo’s Review.

He lives in rural Rice, Virginia with his wife, Deborah Carrington who founded The Sunrise Learning Center. He is currently a Professor in Residence for James Madison University and was a Professor of Education at JMU and a Professor of English Education at Longwood University as well as an Associate Professor of English at Southside, Virginia Community College, the University of Maine at Presque Isle and a lead English teacher at Murray High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has also served as chair of The Crossroads Waldorf School and president of the Virginia Association of Teachers of English and other non-profit organizations.



Virginia City or County Affiliation

Prince Edward County

Years of Residence in Virginia

50 years

Current City/State of Residence

Rice, Virginia





Year of Birth



environmental, animistic, aesthetic



Published Works or Performances

Poetry Publications

Refereed Poetry Publications

Frazier, Chapman (2022) “Epigenesis” Clockhouse TBA

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2022) “Owlets,” “Taking the Back Road Home,” “The Suburbs,” Triggerfish Critical Review, Issue 28, July.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2021) “Bestiary,” The Southern Poetry Review, 58.2.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2018) “The Crow,” “The Ghost Knife.” The Orchards Poetry Journal.” Winter Issue.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2015) “An Autobiography of Love in Two Dimensions.” In ARTlines2 Poetry Anthology, Fall.

Frazier, Hood (2010-2009) “The Junco” Virginia English Bulletin. Vol. 59, N. 2

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2008) “Frozen Embryo,” The South Carolina Review, (Spring).

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2007) “Home Place,” in The Paterson Literary Review. Paterson, New Jersey.

Frazier, H. (2000) “Surviving the Six Micmac Worlds,” The Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter Issue.

Frazier, H. (1999) “North Haven Morning.” Words and Images Maine’s Annual Compendium 01 Visual and Literary Creativity. University of Southern Maine, Spring Issue.

Selections by Editor

Frazier, Chapman H. (NP) “Epigenesis” forthcoming in Clockhouse.

Frazier, Chapman H. (NP) “Leaving the Kitchen,” forthcoming in The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review.

Frazier, Chapman H. (2022) “Copperhead,” in Indelible.

Frazier, Chapman H. (2021) “Easter Morning,” in the literary anthology, Running with Water by V Press LC.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (December, 2019) “The Ghost of Things (Apparition), In the Wide Room, and Riffling Through the Ruins,” in the literary anthology, Running with Water by V Press LC.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (Spring 2019) “Eel,” “Day 1 Dublin: Is that so?” AMP, Hofstra University digital literary magazine.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (Fall 2018), “Lazarus Rising.” Alexandria Quarterly: A Curated Anthology of Art and Literature. Online.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (August 2017), “Nuthatch.” A Common Wealth of Poetry: Newsletter of the Poetry Society of Virginia.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2016) “Holocaust” in Poetry of Politics Issue, Forage Poetry November 5. Editor Emma Hall.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2007) “Poem Against the War,” Western Reading Services an anthology of poems on war. Winter.

Frazier, Chapman Hood (2007) “The Lead Indian,” in The Hampden Sydney Poetry Review, Hampden Sydney, Virginia. Fall Issue.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2007) “A Winter Walk.” Appalachian Heritage: A Magazine of Southern Appalachian Life and Culture. Berea, Kentucky. Winter Issue.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2007) “Whale Death, 2000.” Timber Creek Review, Greensboro, NC.

Frazier, H. (2004) “North Country Tulips.” Eclipse, Glendale College: Glendale, CA. Spring.

Frazier, H. (2002) “Bibliophile’s Revenge,” “Father,” “The Rose Window.” The River Review, University of Maine at Fort Kent: Fort Kent, ME. Electronic Publication. Spring.

Frazier, H. (2001) “Autumn Walk Before the End of Things as You Knew Them.” Appalachian Heritage: A Magazine of Southern Appalachian Life and Culture. Berea College, Kentucky, Fall Issue.

Frazier, H. (2001) “Gore Hotel.” Appalachian Heritage: A Magazine of Southern Appalachian Life and Culture: Berea College, Kentucky. Summer Issue.

Frazier, H. (1999) “The Colors Shine Through.” Ekphrasis.. Vol. 1, No. 5, Spring/Summer.

Frazier, H. (1999) “Frozen Garden,” Echoes Magazine: The Northern Maine Journal. No. 43, January/March Issue.

Frazier, H. (1998) “The Frozen Garden,” The Maine Scholar: A Journal of Ideas and Public Affairs, University of Maine system, Autumn Issue.

Frazier, H (1995) "The Art Academy" The Virginia English Bulletin. Vol. 45, Issue 1,

Frazier, H. (1995) "Morning in the Blue Ridge," College English. (March Issue).

Frazier, H. (1994) "The Studio" in River of Dreams Anthology, The National Library of Poetry, Owings

Mills, Maryland.

Frazier, H (1994) "I Know What I Like" The Virginia English Bulletin. Vol. 44, Issue 2, Winter.

Frazier, H. (1994) "Snow Angel" The English Journal, Vol. 83, Number 5, September Issue.

Frazier, H. (1994) "The Bibliophile's Escape" The Writer's Eye: An Anthology of

Poetry and Prose. Bayly Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.

Frazier, H. (1990) "Hunger, At Last, in a Gas Station in Ohio, To the Harpy, and The

Centerfold" in T. O'Grady (Ed). The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

Anthology, 1975-1990, (pp. 131-133). Hampden-Sydney: Hampden-Sydney


Frazier, H. (1990) "Living in the City" The Carolina Literary Quarterly, Summer. Issue, 11, 47.

Frazier, H. (1990) "Benediction" The Antietam Review: A Journal of Creative Writing and Photography, 10, Spring Issue, 5.

Frazier, H. (1990) "Lazarus" and "Snow Angel" The Writer's Eye: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose. Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1

Frazier, H. (1989) "The Studio" published in The Writer's Eye: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose. Bayly Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 48.

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Frazier, H. (1986) "The Suicide” “The Cincinnati Poetry Review, Cincinnati, OH, 13, 54.

Frazier, H. (1986) "Hospital Demise" The South Florida Poetry Review, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Frazier, H. (1981) "Teased Hair" Skyline. Charlottesville, VA.

Frazier, H. (1979) "The Bull" The Cedar Rock Review, New Braunfels, TX.

Frazier, H. (1979) "Hunger" The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Guest Editor:Quinten Vest, Hampden-Sydney College, VA.

Frazier, H. 1977) "Primal Sound" An Anthology of Fathering, Columbia, MD.

Frazier, H. (1977) "In Your Dream of Destruction" The Inner Ear. St. Paul, MN.

Frazier, H. (1976) "How We Come to It" The American Poetry Anthology, Santa Cruz, CA.

Frazier, H. (1978) "At Last, in a Gas Station in Ohio and Centerfold" The Hampden-

Sydney Poetry Review. Hampden Sydney College.

Frazier, H. (1977) "Father, How We Love You and How to Make Magic," Poet and

Critic, Iowa State University, IA.

Frazier, H. (1973) "The Law," The West Virginia Law Review. West Virginia University:

Morgantown, WV.

Presentations at Professional Conferences and Workshops
International and National Presentations

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2022, March 11) “Zoom Reading of “Copperhead” for Launch of the Online

Journal, Indelible: The Feminine.

National Presentations

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2014) Welcome Speech: “Building Bridges,” Newry High School, Newry, Northern Ireland.

Frazier, Chapman Hood and Danny Wade. (2012, November) “Poetry in the Standards in the Age ofAccountability.” National Council of Teachers of English, Las Vegas, NV.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2012, November) “Re-envisioning text: An Art in Text Activity.” RoundtableDiscussion. National Council of Teachers of English, Las Vegas, NV.

Frazier, Hood and Lea Civiello. (2012) “The Way In Is the Way Out: Teacher Preparation in a Standards Based System. Breaking Tradition 2012, Progressive Educators from Kindergarten through College, Online International Conference. April.

Frazier, Hood. (2010) Roundtable Presenter, “This Poem is For You,” National Council of Teachers of English, Orlando, FL, November.

Frazier, Hood and Mary Beth Cancienne. (2010) The Teacher Work Sample: Reinventing Teacher Education. National Council of Teachers of English, Orlando, FL. November.

Cancienne-Acgtblu, Mary Beth and Chapman Hood Frazier. (2008) “Using Alvin Allee Dance in the Literature Classroom. National Council of Teachers of English, San Antonio, TX, November.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2008) “Teaching Holocaust Through Poetry: A Roundtable Discussion.”National Council of Teachers of English, San Antonio, TX. November.

Frazier, Chapman Hood and Stan Scott. “Literature Circles for Holistic Learning andSpiritual Leadership, Holistic Learning Conference, October 26-28, 2007, Toronto, CA.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (November 2007) “Exploring Poetry: A Roundtable Discussion.” National Council of Teachers of English, New York, NY.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (November 2006) “Ego to Omelets: Using Nikki Giovanni’s Works in the Classroom.” Roundtable Discussion, National Council of Teachers of English. Nashville, TN.

Frazier, C. Hood. (February 2005) “A Way to Approach Teaching Literature: The Literature Circle Workshop.” The Annual Conference of the Southern Humanities Council. Richmond, VA.

Young, C. H. Frazier, D. Frazier, and A. Young, (2004) Reading the World and the Word: Using Literature Circles: Facilitating Effective Student-Teacher Partnerships in Class Discussions. Symposia 14801, International Reading Association Conference, Reno, NV.

Scott, S and H. Frazier. (November 2003) “Meditation, Art and Poetry”. Holistic Education Conference, Toronto, Canada.

Frazier, H. J.D. Pelter, Sarah Tanner, Brian Figura, Brent Fleisher, Cristin Colecchi and Susan Rothwell .(November 2002) “The Poetry Hit Squad: Taking Poetry to the Streets.”National Council of Teachers of English Conference. Atlanta, GA.

Frazier, H. Melanie Panza, Lori Molodrow, and Frances Sadler. (November 2001) “The Dialogue Journal: An Approach to Teaching and Learning. “National Council of Teachers ofE English Conference. Baltimore, MD.

Frazier, H. and Students from Longwood College. (November 2000) “What Works: A Poetic Collaboration Between Secondary School and College. National Council of Teachers of English Conference. Milwaukee, WI.

Frazier, H. and Margo Figgins. (March 1999) "Poetry and Art Workshop," National Council of Teachers of English Conference. Cincinnati, OH.

Frazier, H. (November, 1998) Associate Chair for Panel Discussion. National Council of Teachers of English Conference. Nashville, TN.

Frazier, H. and Deborah Frazier. (October 1997) "A Re-envisioning of Literacy Workshop:Classroom Practice and Pedagogy." National Association of Multicultural EducationConference. Albuquerque, NM.

Frazier, H. and Stan Scott. (October 1997) "Education for Wholeness: Creativity, Ambiguity and School Reform." International Holistic Education Conference: Breaking New Ground.Toronto, Canada.

Frazier, H. (April 1997) Chair/ Recorder. National Council of Teachers of English,Charlotte, NC.

Figgins, M. and H. Frazier (November 1994) "Teacher as Poet, Classroom as Studio --But How?"

One Day Workshop by invitation. National Council of the Teachers of English Conference, Orlando, FL.

Frazier, H. and L Light. (March 1993) "Students of Promise: A Presentation on a Nontraditional

High School for 'At Risk' Students." National Council of the Teachers of EnglishConference, Richmond, VA.

Prose Publications:

Trudeau, Lawrence, editor (2015), “Ted Kooser and Chapman Hood Frazier, interview date, 2012. PoetryCriticism, Vol. 162, pp.298-303

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2019) “A Conversation with Sinead Morrissey, The Writer’s Chronicle September 2019.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2018) “A Conversation with Rita Dove”, Agni Online, December Issue.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2016) “A Conversation with Medbh McGuckian, The Writer’s Chronicle, December 2016, Vol 49, No.3.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. “Interview with Tim Seibles..” (2015) Shenandoah: The Washing and Lee University Review, Vol. 64, Number2.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. “Special Feature: Interview with Ted Kooser.” (2012, Winter) Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee Review, Vol. 61, Number 1.

Lopes-Murphey, S., Chapman Hood Frazier, Mary Beth Cancienne and William Wightman. (2012) “Making the Mark in Second Language Development.” The ‘X’ Point in Education: Where Imagination is Lost: The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning. New Jersey City University, Winter Issue, Vol. 9.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2011) “A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni.” The Writer’s Chronicle.March/April, Vol. 43, Number 5.

Frazier, Chapman Hood. (2010) “A Conversation with Gregory Orr.” The Writer’s Chronicle, March/April, Vol. 42, Number 5.

Carrington, D. and Chapman Hood Frazier, (2010) “Transforming Text: Finding the Poem Within.” The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning. Winter, Vol 16.

Selected Individual Poems or Performances

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Chapman Hood Frazier


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