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Conference Paper

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Selected Papers Presented at MODSIM World 2011 Conference and Expo



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MODSIM World 2011 Conference and Expo, October 11-14, 2011, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Military strategists face a difficult task when engaged in a battle against an adversarial force. They have to predict both what tactics their opponent will employ and the outcomes of any resultant conflicts in order to make the best decision about their actions. Game theory has been the dominant technique used by analysts to investigate the possible actions that an enemy will employ. Traditional game theory can be augmented by use of Lanchester equations, a set of differential equations used to determine the outcome of a conflict. This paper demonstrates a novel combination of game theory and Lanchester equations using Colonel Blotto games. Colonel Blotto games, which are one of the oldest applications of game theory to the military domain, look at the allocation of troops and resources when fighting across multiple areas of operation. This paper demonstrates that employing Lanchester equations within a game overcomes some of practical problems faced when applying game theory.


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Collins, A. J. & Hester, P. T. (2012). Colonel Blotto games and Lancaster's equations: A novel military modeling combination. In T. E. Pinelli & L. S. Bullock (Eds.), Selected Papers Presented at MODSIM World 2011 Conference and Expo (pp. 93-99).


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